Our proven artificial intelligence outreach methods guarantee traffic growth through targeted audience.

Our services will help you grow your audience through real time engagement. Real followers, real people, real power. A place where followers are real and active.

1. Join.

Join and subscribe! All you need is to create an account with us and connect your Instagram channels which takes less than two minutes.

2. Target the right people.

Set your target audience based on relevant hashtags and Instagram channels that are similar to yours. In order to maximize your reach, Instamigos' artificial intelligence will analyze your performance and suggest additional hashtags, as well as Instagram channels based on the behaviors of your followers. Local businesses can optimize the performance of their Instagram channel by selecting a specific geographic area of your target consumers.

3. Watch your audience grow.

Our smart dashboard analytics will help you get more detailed insights on your growth, as well as automatically estimate your growth scale for the upcoming 30 days. Best performing targets will automatically rank higher to help you filter and narrow down your audience ensuring best performance.