How Instamigos works

How does Instamigos work?

With millions of accounts out there, you need to stand out and make the community aware of your existence. To do this, you need to engage with people on an ongoing basis which is (very?) time consuming and expensive. Instamigos targets and follows user profiles on instagram and likes their posts according to your specific criteria that you set. Unlike other Instagram growth platforms Instamigos social media strategy is powered by artificial intelligence that analyzes the performance of your Instagram channel and adapts the algorithm to maximize your success. Additionally we give you the options to optimize your strategy by providing you detailed analysis on active accounts, hashatags and locations that are most effective.

It seems that Instamigos is liking random stuff and following random people, Why?

The following and likes are based on you target definition, meaning if you define channels, hashtags or location we will interact with their posts and follow those users based on your setting. Think of us as a matchmaker that connects you with people most interested in what you have to offer – based on your request. If you define usernames in your targeting then we go and look at their followers, likes and comments and people that they follow, (the) same applies for hashtags and locations. Setting the right targets is the key to the success of your account. Please see tips on how to setup the channels, hashtags and locations to improve your Instagram growth.

Why am I not getting followers? Nobody is liking my posts?

Instamigos is not (a) “buy fake likes” or “buy fake follower” service. This is a growth service with real followers. We don’t get fake followers or likes, you can’t purchase thousands of fake followers with us at once or thousands (of) fake likes. Instead we are (an) engagement service, where we follow users based on your targets and like their posts. By doing this we are introducing you to your potential audience which is real users, if they like your content they will follow you back and like your posts. You need to post content that appeals to your target market and set good targeting options if you want to get the most out of it. How many followers you get can vary based on your targets and your content.

The Likes and Follows are going up, but they are so slow. What is happening?

This can happen when your filters are a little too strict or if your targeting is too narrow. Setting the right targets is the key to the success of your account. Please see tips on how to setup the right channels, hashtags and locations to improve your Instagram growth.

Setting your Target

  • Think of celebrities, popular influencers, business or brands similar to yours.
  • Aim for accounts that have at least 5K to 10K followers.
  • Their followers are similar to the ones you would like to have.
  • Add in your competitors username
  • Don't focus on smaller usernames
  • Check their engagement, they should have high volume of likes and comments on their post
Hashtags & Locations
  • Research hashtags that are relevant to your brand, and channel
  • Aim Hashtags with at least 100k posts
  • Don’t select generic hashtags (i.e. tbt, instagood, instadaily)
  • If you are a local business, locations will work better for you
Other Tips
  • For most active targets (channels, hashtags and locations) don’t change your settings
  • For those targets with low follow back rates update the settings and remove low performing targets
  • It is extremely important that you monitor performance rate and re-adjust your targets based on performance
  • Don’t like or follow accounts manually, let us do the job for you. (On) average we do 450 targeted likes and follow users based on your speed setting; the higher the speed the more follow backs you get
  • Don’t pause the account, we manage that automatically using our artificial intelligence technology
  • Post great content
  • Set your headline: it’s important that (the) headline in your Instagram is personal
  • Style: identify unique style that is consistent across all of your content
  • Frequency of postings: Posting once a day is bare minimum. You have to make sure your audience is engaging with you. We suggest that you post 3 times a day to increase your engagement and chances for your post to go viral.

Instagram growth strategy


  1. Bio
  2. Style
  3. Consistency
  4. Setting Target(s) in Instamigos

Provide great and unique high quality content to become a favorite of your audience.
Increase your brand exposure through Instamigos to create brand awareness.


Name: Who are you and what is your brand? Assure your name best represents your identity. (Your) Instagram name is the only attribute that is considered on Instagram search and first field that audiences can relate to. Having a name that best identifies your channel is the key; it is (the) identity of who you are in Instagram.

Headline: It is important that (the) headline is kept very personal, give the opportunity for the users to know you better: it should be your skillset, hobby or profession.

Body: State your Mission, consider it just like any other business where mission and vision are key drivers of your company. Identify your foundation and purpose of the channel. Let user(s) know what the purpose of your account is.

Links: It is vital to have links in your headline, it is a call to action for your audience and (the) only attribute that Instagram allows. (don’t need “you to include links”). Links allow you to connect users with your product, your website and other social media platforms.


Style: Identify unique style that is consistent across all of your content. Style can be through photos you choose, filters used or even captions used to describe your photos


Frequency of postings: Posting once a day is (the) bare minimum. You have to make sure your audience is engaging with you. Suggested that you post 3 times a day to increase your engagement and chances for your post to go viral. Think of (the) Instagram channel as your store front, closing the store (a) few days a week leads to loss of clients and business; same applies to (your) Instagram channel. Not posting on a daily basis is like closing the store unexpectedly for a day.

Caption: oAdd captions that are informative and fun, captivating captions can lead to more likes and followers oCall to action captions are proven to lead to more comments, likes and bring new followers.

Hashtags: hashtags are masters of your engagement. Using all available hashtags in a post is critical. Instagram allows 30 hashtags per post; so use all of them. You can always save your hashtags on your phone notepad and copy/paste/edit them for each post.

Setting Instamigos Target

Channels: Target (a) few influencers and narrow the selection down to those channels that best align with your brand and style. We suggest that you select at least 5 channels in your target audience. It is extremely important that you monitor performance rate and re-adjust your targets based on performance.

Hashtags: Narrow your hashtags to (a) maximum (of) 10 hashtags, identify hashtags that your competition uses most frequently and hashtags that generate most engagement. Refine hashtags on an ongoing basis based on performance.

Location: If you are a local business, then narrowing your audience to a location (and)(?) geofence it to a particular event is the key.

Using Instamigos

How many Likes a day will Instamigos perform?

By enabling Like functionality you will allow the system to not only follow people, but also engage them by liking their recent posts until they follow you back. Such strategy will increase your engagement and the chances of them following you back.

Why was my account blocked by instagram?

Performing high volume of manual actions (following/likes) while using Instamigos might cause your Instagram account to be temporarily blocked.

Instagram has limitations on the amount of the accounts you can follow or posts you can like every hour, and if you are manually following accounts or liking post you may put yourself in risk of going over the limit.

We advise that you limit manual actions while using Instamigos, leave it up to us to manage the Instagram growth.

How can I cancel my Instamigos account?

You can follow these instructions to cancel your account.

  1. Go to Billing tab
  2. Click “To cancel your account, click here”

Why is my account stopped and how do I reset it?

Your account can be stopped due to the following reasons:

  • Your Follow and Unfollow Toggles are off
  • Your account has not enough targets under the Targets tab
  • Your account status is Inactive

As always, your satisfaction is our goal. So if you need further assistance with your account, you can email or chat with us anytime.

How do I stop my recurring charge?

By canceling your account, the system automatically will stop recurring charges and will notify “Braintree” of account cancellation.

How do I reset my Instamigos password?

When trying to sign-in to Instamigos, click on “Forgot Your Password?” and follow the steps. You will receive an email notification with new password.

What are the advantages of having a higher follow limit?

Having (a) higher follow limit allows Instamigos to follow more people during follow cycle. By doing this it will allow more time for people to follow you back.

How do I know which target is performing best?

You can see all of your activities related to performance under dashboard under follow back Ratio. We strongly suggest that you remove targets highlighter in red due to poor performance based on follow back ratio.

Is my information protected?

Security is the key for us, therefore we encrypt all of your data and use one of the most powerful payment providers, “Braintree”, to handle all payment transactions and card information securely for us.

Your username and password is fully encrypted and no one has the ability to view your account information, which includes our development team as well.